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Best pranayama for the Summer!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Summer is here and how! Have the soaring temperatures got the better of you? Are you experiencing excessive dryness, burning sensations not only on the skin but also internally? The good news is, Yoga has a solution that's super easy and safe for everyone to practice!

Sheetkari Pranayama (the Hissing breath) is a powerful cooling pranayama that will instantly make you feel cooler, physically and mentally!


Sit comfortably with your back straight, palms on the knees facing upwards and eyes closed.

Now smile wide exposing as many teeth as you can (just stay with me haha) take a deep breath in through the teeth.

Then close your mouth and exhale through the nostrils.

This is a single breath, do 10-12 breaths and then return to your normal breath.

Now is where you can truly feel the magic of this pranayama! Notice that breath flowing through your nostrils is now cool! And a wave of calmness fills your entire body and mind. If you had sat down with a bunch of thoughts gnawing at your mind, they're probably gone now!


🔹effects important brain centres associated with temperature regulation, hence cools the body and clears excess heat .

🔹 relieves hyperacidity

🔹helps soothe inflammatory skin conditions

🔹actually helps reduce inflammation anywhere in the body

🔹 calms the mind especially works on issues with anger, aggression or anxiety.

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