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Warrior One

Group Yoga Classes

Monday Wednesday Friday
7-8 am CET online only (10:30-11:30 IST)

9-10 am CET (in studio)

Venue: Raum für Yoga 
Chauseestr 17, 10115 Berlin

Style: Dynamic

If you are looking for a class that makes you sweat but also centers your thoughts and leaves you feeling peaceful, this is the right one for you!

My goal with every class is to make everyone feel included, we are not here to compete or do fancy poses, we are here to bring our minds & bodies to a healthy, balanced state, and have fun along the way! 


Single class: €17

12 Class Package: €170 (read more below)

Fees are different for clients joining from India (if you live & work/study in India), please write to me for details. 

limited spots available, register soon!

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Why do I only offer a 12 class package?

Because it is important to me that you get the absolute best results,

and this requires consistency! 

Are you worried you'll get bored? Don't be, every single class is different!

So come and commit yourself to the 12 class program, you won't be disappointed!

Have questions? Check out the FAQ page or feel free to write to me! 

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What makes yoga with me special?

Personal attention!
Yes, I care about every single student and will keep track of all your strengths and weaknesses in order for you to get the best results!
And what's even better is that when you sign up for a 12 class package, you also receive is a mentorship.
I will guide you to make changes to your lifestyle, diet and all other factors that affect your well-being.
You will be able to contact me outside class hours, I am always ready to help!
Yoga is a holistic approach to good health, and it is essentially a lifestyle itself, I am here to help you bring this magic in to your life!

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Private Yoga Sessions

starting at 40 EUR per session

Get exactly the kind of session you desire, fully customised to suit your needs, whether it is weight-loss, strength, flexibility, meditation or relaxation.

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