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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy: Welcome

Powerful sound therapy using a variety of instruments tuned to healing frequencies, along with mantras based on principles of Nada Yoga.
The effect of sound on our bodies has been widely researched, the frequencies emitted during a session affects every cell in your body bringing you to a state of balance and clarity.
I am a certified sound therapist and have over 3 years of experience offering sound sessions personally and in group settings.

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Centering: 45 mins

If you have too much on your mind and just feel like you need to bring yourself back to the centre to be able to function normally, then this is the right session for you. 
All sessions include stretching, breathwork and a gentle massage.

Issue focused: 45 mins

Select this session if you want to work on a particular pain point, this could be physical, mental or emotional.
All sessions include stretching, breathwork and a gentle massage.

Sound Bath - Group Session (customisable) starts at €20 per person

For groups of 5+ 
An immersive and transformative sound session that will leave you feeling centered and refreshed.

Sound Therapy: Classes
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