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The negative effects of drinking cold water

While a tall glass of icy cold water may feel most satisfying to many, cold water can have a number of unwanted side effects on your body.

The first and most impacted is your digestive system. Cold water constricts your blood vessels and slows down the movement of your food from the oesophagus to your stomach, nutrient absorption is also reduced. It also solidifies fats, slow

ing the rate at which you body breaks it down. It may also lead to constipation.

Another issue that cold water could pose is the thickening of nasal mucus, this of course causes respiratory discomfort.

Cold water can also cause headaches and increase tooth sensitivity.

Ayurvedic principles also recommend drinking either lukewarm or room temperature water to maintain a healthy digestive fire (and avoid all of the issues listed above)

I hope this provides a good insight into why cold water is not a good idea, it may take a while for you to start appreciating room temperature water, but its benefits are worth the adjustment don't you think?

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