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Dina Lewy, Photographer and Visual artist. Berlin, Germany

Yoga with Aditi has been a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness in a world that often feels intense. Aditi's teachings have been a guiding light, urging me to pause, breathe, and embrace the beauty of each moment.
Taking the time to be with myself has been a transformative experience, and I can't thank her enough for sharing her wisdom.


Rosa Situmorang, Strategy Consultant, Project Manager.

Berlin, Germany

I regularly attend Aditi’s yoga classes and sound meditation in Berlin.
She is not only passionate, but also an expert in her field. Her classes are enjoyable, educative, and empowering. Each session is made in a creative way, so the participants never get bored.
I started with very minimum knowledge, however her teaching method is very inclusive and easy to follow. I can feel the benefit to my physical and mental health. I highly recommend her!


Ramakrishna Purunam, 

Global Head of Partnerships at Mapiq, The Netherlands 

I was apprehensive of doing Yoga because of my background in Cycling, & before that in Distance Running. 

These endurance sports are intense and make your body stiff & inflexible while you get to master them.
In 2021 I was searching for a Yoga Teacher who can double up as Wellness Coach, to my good luck, I found Aditi. I was picking up reasonably well. Then I met with a freak Cycling accident; underwent a complex shoulder surgery! Aditi was fabulous as a coach & not only shared tips on Yoga Nidra to calm my nerves, but was in constant touch thro my recovery and rehabilitation.
Aditi is amazingly patient; her calmness & serenity not only reassure you but will push you to try your best.
I recommend her Yoga Classes to anyone who is looking for overall enhancement in well-being.
Aditi is a great teacher & i'm expressing my gratitude as a sincere student who rarely skips a class!


Prerna Rana Deshwal,

Performance Management Lead, Deloitte
Hyderabad, India

For the past few years that I have been practicing yoga under Aditi’s tutelage, I have started to feel so closely connected with my mind and body. Aditi’s classes are a beautiful combination of both energy and rest. She mixes Asanas or Pranayama with her gentle instructions and music so effectively that your mind and body just get into a rhythm that one would never want to lose. And gradually, her teachings become such a well-integrated part of your life. I must mention that one can only sustain this experience if one’s guru role models it in different ways, and that is what makes me feel blessed to have Aditi as my yoga teacher. Her being pulls her students to help them make their own life better!


Madhuri Bodhapati, Business System Consultant, Wells Fargo, 

Texas, United States

It is absolutely my honour to write a testimonial for Aditi. I am so glad I started my first yoga classes with her. There was no looking back. She is very dedicated towards her students...gentle approach and very effectively she delivers her classes with wonderful rhythm of music that she mixes herself. Touches base with every client personally and keeps giving tips, and motivates them to not miss a class. I for one has most advantaged from her class and its just not physical. She is a complete package of yoga trainer, spiritual coach and constant support system that one needs to traverse to next level in their journey. A wonderful human and a great friend who changed my life for good! Thank you Aditi!


Sailesh Gadalay, Enterprise Sales Manager, LinkedIn.

Hyderabad, India

Aditi is an Outstanding Yoga instructor and Inspiring wellness coach. I have been practicing power yoga through her sessions for the past 2+ years and it has had a profound impact on my health and fitness. I feel at-least 7-10 years younger after practising yoga with her. For most of us it may be difficult to stick to one fitness regime for a long time, and I must say with Aditi it’s never so. 
She perfectly mixes power yoga with body toning and strengthening exercises so well that you never feel monotonous at any given point in time. She is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve seen around. Kudos to you Aditi! Keeping spreading smiles and happiness through your passion of transforming people’s mental and physical well being :)


Rohith Kumar Raja, Senior Product Manager, Yes Bank

Hyderabad, India

One fine morning, I skipped my gym for Aditi's Power Yoga session and I just walked out feeling very relaxed and comfortable. We may tend to feel elated at times lifting heavy weights in the gym, but her sessions makes us realise what the body actually craves for. It's the ability to see within and she effortlessly guides us through this path. The transition from basic Yoga to core strengthening, pranayama, meditation and many more healing techniques is seamless. She ensures to back us up every time we feel low or falter which is the rarest quality of a Mentor i have come across. It's been 2 years that me and my wife have been associated with Aditi and she has a great influence in our lifestyle. I wish she could spread her positivity further and many more get to experience her charming and magical yoga sessions. Thank you dear Teacher for giving us a healthy and a smiling reason to wake up to every morning, 'You're the best' !!


Arun Rao, Chief People Officer at Birlasoft

Hyderabad, India

Aditi is a great yoga coach and a great person to know too. She is very perceptive and approachable. Her class routines, having a mix of classical yoga postures with muscle toning and strengthening variations, have ensured that the sessions don’t end up being predictable and hence there is never a session fatigue which has helped someone like me to sustain my efforts @ learning for about a year now. I also experience a greater body flexibility today which has allowed me to ward-off any potential issues on account of poor ergonomics at home in the wake of wfh. For long I had been struggling with an acute sinusitis problem with smallest of weather shifts impacting me dramatically. Aditi’s yoga routines, which has fair emphasis on breathing, and coaching has helped me minimize the impact on my sinuses. Our sessions have been virtual for majority of this time but I have found her to have this unique capability to stay connected to each of us during and post sessions too which has been a great plus in sustaining the journey momentum.


Ateev Anand
Co-Founder at re-

Mumbai, India

Aditi's yoga sessions have been an integral part of my fitness routine for the last two years. My body has improved in strength and flexibility and my mind is calmer and clearer after every session. I love her wholesome approach to yoga as a way of life - showing us how to bring balance, joy and peace into our lives through our practice. I enjoy the flow of her sessions, carefully guiding us through warm-ups, cardio, stretches, mobility and meditation with a new and exciting combination of postures/exercises every time. Her mindful and intuitive approach encourages me to be present in each session and I feel connected with the entire class even though we're all in different locations on a zoom call. Truly grateful to Aditi for this enriching practice.


Ajay Krishna, Founder, Managing Director, Focus Dental Care

Hyderabad, India

I was introduced to yoga by Aditi and her help in improving my health and overall well-being was immense , she takes utmost interest in her teachings with dedication and passion and I'm sure it will help her achieve many more milestones.....Kudos to you Aditi!


Kanchan Dutt, Entrepreneur, visionary with a passion for teaching and imparting learning

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to explore various yoga techniques with Aditi's help. I was an absolute beginner before I got the chance to attend her classes, and was worried that a new set of exercises would not fit into my already existing training plan. Needless to say, all my worries were put to rest as she did a great job in designing her sessions making sure that I would have no problems integrating her workouts with my older plan, and that I would leave her classes feeling positive and energised. In just a few months, I noticed drastic changes within my body, including higher endurance, flexibility and a peaceful state of mind. She is extremely dedicated to her work, and even during the pandemic, she's been actively conducting online sessions for her students, and exploring various new arenas of Yoga to help people cope with the stress of all the negativity around them. She is an extremely knowledgable and multi-skilled Yoga trainer, and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who's in search of a healthier, calmer life.


Padma, architect at Design Infiniti

Aditi is a versatile yoga teacher and I absolutely love her teaching style, in fact I enjoy every moment of her classes! It is close to two years now that I’ve been attending her group power yoga sessions. Every step of the way she has kept me motivated and even made me overcome several fears. I found myself doing asanas I had never imagined I would have the strength or courage to do. Whether it is climbing several flights of stairs, hectic office work or just managing my children, her classes have made everything seem achievable and stress-free. I am stronger and more flexible than I ever thought I could be. It is my pleasure to write this recommendation and I hope many other people benefit from her classes in the coming years!

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