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Jalandhar Bandha- The Yogic cure for Thyroid problems!

Why is it so important to have a healthy thyroid gland? Let us first understand the Thyroid's functions:

  • Regulates body temperature

  • Responsible for metabolism

  • Under active or Overactive Thyroid can lead to various physical complications including extreme weight loss or weight gain, hair loss and skin problems.

  • It is connected to your central & peripheral nervous systems, so if it malfunctions you may find yourself regularly anxious and might suffer from mood swings.

Yoga is the only form of exercise that is able to work on your body at a glandular level, and Jalandhar Bandha is a powerful neuro-muscular lock that directly targets the Thyroid gland.

The practice:

Sit with your back straight, palms resting on the knees and eyes closed.

Take a deep breath in through the nostrils, and then holding this breath, press the chin to the chest and stay here for 5-10 seconds. Then gently release the chin-lock before exhaling slowly.

You can start with 3-5 rounds and slowly move up to 10 over time, depending on your requirement.


Bandhas create heat in the body, if you are suffering with heat-related issues, consult with your yoga teacher before practicing this bandha.

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