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Warrior One


Group Yoga Class
Monday Wednesday Friday
7 - 8 am CET (60min) Online only

9-10am in Studio

Raum Für Yoga 
Chauseestr 17 
10115 Berlin

Style: Dynamic

If you are looking for a class that makes you sweat but also centers your thoughts and leaves you feeling peaceful, this is the right one for you!

My goal with every class is to make everyone feel included, we are not here to compete or do fancy poses, we are here to bring our minds & bodies to a healthy, balanced state, and have fun along the way! 

limited spots available, register soon!

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Workshops: Text

Chakra Meditation 20th September

18:00- 19:30

The Tagore Centre, 

Embassy of India, Berlin

Learn about the 7 chakras and the effect they have on your mind & body, and then participate in a powerful meditation technique to help bring them to a state of balance. You will leave feeling centred and rejuvenated!

Sold out!

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