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Yoga with Aditi

Get ready to become your healthiest, happiest self!

aditi chengappa yoga

Try a class for only EUR 7!

Only on Friday 21st June 2024, from either 7:15 to 8:15am or 8:45- 9:45am

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My goal with every class is to make sure everyone feels included. You don't need to have any prior knowledge before joining! My classes are all about bringing your body and mind to a healthy, balanced state while having fun along the way! You will sweat a lot but go out feeling peaceful and energised!!

"Simply doing difficult asanas or postures will not get you there. Yoga is about breaking your habits, not your body!"

Dr Bharat Thakur, Himalayan Master

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Mind & Body

If you're looking for a practice that not only burns calories, strengthens muscles, and pushes flexibility, but also brings you to a deeply peaceful state, you've come to the right place!

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Going beyond headstands!

Yoga was always supposed to be a powerful tool that brings us close to our bodies, our minds, our souls, and ultimately, to incomparable joy.

When we practice yoga with awareness, we soon find ourselves deeply connected to our body and its needs. We start to feel with clarity what is good for us and what is toxic. And these feelings slowly creep into our everyday lives. If you have been practicing yoga consistently even for a month, you will know what I’m talking about!

Yoga teaches you to value your body and respect it, but then it takes you beyond this very body! Then you realise your practice is so much more than getting the perfect alignment of your ankles or shoulders. So much more than achieving perfect poses!
You will find yourself travelling within and starting to correct the alignment of your thoughts and feelings instead!

It is at this point that the true transformation begins! This is the power of a conscious yoga practice. You will correct yourself from inside out, and what results is a magnificent being, who loves and respects his body, who embraces his heart’s desires, who opens his mind to the abundance of the universe, and one who is fully capable of loving himself and all living beings equally. This being is unstoppable!!

All of this and you still only want to achieve the perfect headstand?!

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